Your Best Year Ahead

Small, easy steps to wellness

By: Dr. Cris Beer M.D


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Published: Jan/20 (AU/NZ), Jan/21 (US), Jan/20 (UK)

Have you ever longed to be healthy, have lots of energy, and be comfortable with your body weight? Simple habits lead to good health, energy, and optimum body weight.

Your Best Year Ahead is written for every busy person who thinks they do not have time to look after their health, but they want to try to start off the New Year with a fresh, easy approach.

Supported by evidence-based research, and no-fuss tips. The simpler we keep things, the more likely we are to stick with any changes we make. By following the week-by-week advice within these pages you will see you have the health that you and your body and mind deserve.

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ISBN: 9781925924374

Published: Jan/20 (AU/NZ), Jan/21 (US), Jan/20 (UK)

Format: Paperback

Dimensions: 230 mm  x  153 mm

Extent: 352 pages

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About The Author

Dr. Cris Beer M.D

Dr. Cris Beer M.D


Dr. Cris Beer M.D, BBioMedSci, MBBS hons), FRACGP, member ACNEM, member AIMA, Personal Fitness Trainer

As an expert in nutritional medicine Dr. Cris specialises not just in the prevention and treatment of illnesses, but in the attaining of optimum health. By employing simple lifestyle and holistic medicine strategies Dr. Cris believes that restoration of health and vitality can be achieved for anyone. She has particular interests in weightloss tailored to the individual’s body, fatigue and sleep problems, digestive issues, as well as hormone health.

Dr. Cris holds qualifications in medicine, biomedical science, integrative and nutritional medicine, health coaching, as well as personal fitness training. She was the health consultant for The Biggest Loser Retreat on the Gold Coast and is sought after by the media for regular commentary on Juice FM, 4CRB and web TV. She currently practices at The Medical Sanctuary on the Gold Coast, as a registered medical doctor. Dr Cris first book ’52 Simple Habits to Better Health’ is releasing in 2015.

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