World of Italian Folk Magic

Magic and herbal cures from the wise women of Italy

By: Rose Inserra


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Published: Sep/24 (AU/NZ), Sep/24 (US), Sep/24 (UK)

Drawing on her Italian and strega (Italian witch) heritage, Rose Inserra's guide to the folk magic of this ancient culture is a treasure trove of Italian folklore, customs, magic and healing practices that will simplify your life and declutter your mind and heart. These practices fulfill the most basic needs of life: warmth, nourishment and connection to the magical and the spiritual.
Discover unique Italian witchcraft such as spells, charms and curse removal and learn how to make divination tools, protective amulets and invocations. You'll also find kitchen and herbal witchery with natural remedies to create, spells for love and potions, and recipes for food, wine and even beauty. Delve into Italian spiritual practices and learn about dreams, divination and working with your ancestors, saints and angels, deities, fairies and nature spirits.
Brimming with history, culture, remedies, folklore, recipes and – most of all – magic, this book is for anyone fascinated by ancient magical practices with deep connections to nature and the environment – or who wants to discover their Italian heritage.

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ISBN: 9781922785978

Published: Sep/24 (AU/NZ), Sep/24 (US), Sep/24 (UK)

Format: Hardback

Extent: 368 pages

About The Author

Rose Inserra

Rose Inserra

Rose Inserra is a published children’s author of over 60 books. Her books are published by leading international publishers as well as trade publishers, marketed in Australia and internationally. She has been listed in the Notable Children’s Books and short-listed for the Environment Award for Children’s Literature in Australia.

Rose has also written her best selling book, Dictionary of Dreams, which has sold over 500,000 copies. Writing the book on dreams and their meanings has given her awareness of the importance of self-discovery through dreaming. She has helped a number of clients interpret their dreams in her capacity of dream group facilitator and is a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams of Dreams.

Other outlets for Rose’s expertise have been though radio, seminars, guest columns in print media.

Creativity has always been a huge feature of Rose’s role as author, editor and coach. Her studies in creativity coaching with renowned American creativity coach, Eric Maisel, Ph. D, has enabled her to teach her clients the latest techniques in accessing creativity. The program has been particularly successful with writers who are blocked or simply overwhelmed with their project.

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