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Witches and Wizards Reviewed

"Witches and Wizards" by Lucy Cavendish, presents an enchanted insight into some of the most influential and inspiring people who lived and led a life of magick, mystery and intrigue. The book sheds light onto the magickal path and some of its most influential and controversial people and themes such as Merlin, Aleister Crowley and Sydney's own Witch of Kings Cross, Rosaleen Norton. With the theme of Witches and Wizards comes the notion of secrecy, living like misfits and memories of the burning times and as alternative and unorthodox as these people may have been, Lucy's passion in thoroughly research and writing this book reveals the humanistic qualities found within their stories. This raises our curiosity and connection to the people and themes of this book. It is through "Witches and Wizards" that presents an educational and inspirational insight into the workings of these characters and the roles which they played during their respective timelines.

A central theme to the chapters of "Witches and Wizards" is the challenging of social values and upheld expectations, as depicted and lived out through the central figures of the book. As Lucy tells their stories, there is a compelling sense of compassion and a strive for further understanding of these people and the ways they lived their lives.

Lucy's writing style is spellbinding in the way that she retells their stories to reveal deeper, refined qualities that may not be so commonly understood or appreciated in the words of others. Lucy's words paint pictures of these people as very real people, with passion, talents and motivation, with a will of and to change and not as anything less or more.

Reading a book like Witches and Wizards is a unique experience that has the potential to capture the attention of everyday readers from many different walks of life. Regardless of where people are at on their journey, this book presents an excellent opportunity to trace back to societies' magickal roots and prescience, to develop appreciation of, and to in turn, respectfully acknowledge the natural part of our selves which yearns to be expressed in one way or another.

Nathan Ho – 07 March, 2016