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What Your Favourite Flower Says About You

What your favourite flower says about you

The Language of Flowers has spoken throughout time to help us share the joys of our celebrations, whispered softly words of comfort in times of need, been our romantic messengers and illuminated pathways of healing to flower and plant-based modalities. Healing therapies that include flower essences, aromatherapy and even herbal medicine, tap into these energetic properties that are often described in The Language of Flowers. These are words and phrases that are attributed to flowers based on their physical, environmental and energetic properties.

There is an energy and personality to each type of flower that can be engaged to express our hopes, desires and wishes when we give a bouquet to a friend or lover, when we decide to grow a flowering plant in our own garden or are even drawn to select an artwork featuring certain blossoms to decorate our living and work spaces. While we can seek answers and healing by the selection of plants and their blossoms to meet our needs, interestingly, your favourite flowers and those you seem to gravitate towards do say something personal about you.

Flowers that you have a sudden urge to have around you are not to be ignored either. They may be indicating an element in your life that you need to focus on. Much as we may crave oranges or strawberries when we are lacking in vitamin C, we will also notice, on an energetic level, the strength, happiness and resilience that a bunch of sunflowers will bring to us and our surroundings. Perhaps your favourite flower, or one you are drawn to at the moment, is saying something about you...

(Plumeria alba)

Those who love these summer-heralding flowers are freedom seekers and generally love the bright and colourful side of life. Warm-hearted, fun and beautiful people inside and out, you will find they also adore travel. Frangipani will be telling you to look for the beauty and good within and that perhaps you need a little more space right now.

Sweet pea
(Lathyrus odoratus)

The comfort-lovers of the flower world. Sweet pea folk adore the gorgeous, sumptuous and at times, the luxurious. They are also very generous people who adore sharing and love seeing others they care about as contented as they need to be. Sweet Pea means you need to enjoy yourself more and to find some pleasure and relaxation.


Rose people are usually romantics but also traditionalists at heart. History, the building of a legacy, old fashioned romance and reverence for customs and traditions and are all very precious to rose-lovers. Having a new or sudden desire for these blossoms indicates a focus on romance but also for grounding and an exploration of purpose and who you truly are.


The wisdom-seekers and keepers. Magnolia-lovers are usually keen researchers, readers and teachers. They have a reverence for truth and fairness and find a calling in knowledge along with a never-ending dedication to sharing it. Magnolia calls to those who need to seek their personal truths and perhaps look more closely at their goals where they are currently heading.

(Paeonia officinalis)

Peony people are natural healers and are especially adept with complimentary modalities. They are also very keen on creating beautiful spaces (they love art!), being of service and looking after others, especially those in need and animals. Being drawn to Paeony usually means you need to look after your own needs and health a little more closely.


Desire, passion, attraction; these are all themes of Tulips and those who love them will usually find themselves driven a little harder than those around them to succeed. The entrepreneurs of the flower-world who usually do well wherever they find themselves. Tulips reach out to those needing a boost in confidence and in self-belief.

(Helianthus annuus)

Sunflower people are usually strong, resilient, warm and very compassionate. Creativity, especially that which can enhance their surrounds, appeals to them greatly and they are often found working in the arts and crafts world. If you have a desire to surround yourself with Sunflowers then you are needing strength, perhaps some courage and a boost in happiness.


The great protectors are our Lily-lovers. They are the eco-warriors, the law keepers and makers, the healers too and those who are working hard to make the world a better place. You will find they are usually encouraging, supportive and very caring. Desiring Lilies is to want added protection and also indicates a promise to be made or kept.

Those who adore Orchids are among the most unique of people. They are very dedicated and passionate and are driven in some way with their focus. Unusual in their tastes and their lifestyles, they are incredibly interesting and usually very intelligent. A desire for orchids is an indication of wanting more out of life than is currently on offer.

Don’t like a flower?

It may mean you don’t have time for: Frangipani – fickleness, Sweet pea – laziness, Roses – rules, Magnolia – tradition, Paeony – pampering, Tulip – enthusiasm, Sunflowers – optimism, Lilies – fate, Orchids -misery.

Cheralyn Darcey is a botanical history author & artist with a passion for flowers. An organic gardener, she is also a florist, presenter and teacher as well as being the best-selling author and illustrator of nine titles (books and oracle decks) exploring the connections between flowers and us including the popular referance book, ‘Flowerpaedia, 1,000 flowers and their meanings’, Rockpool Publishing 2017.

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