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What is an Aura?

THE WORD AURA originates from a Greek word meaning breeze or air (air emanating from the body). The Aura is connected to our subtle body and it surrounds us like a force field. While our Chakra’s contain the seven colours of the rainbow within the body our Aura contains the seven colours of the rainbow outside of the body.

Our Aura contains information about our past, present and future within it. It is connected to our inner and outer emotions on a physical and spiritual level. Have you ever noticed how different colours can affect your moods and emotions? Do you ever feel that you are drawn to different colours yet repelled by others? Colours can have a significant effect on your body both internally and externally.

As you become more sensitive and connected to your auric field you will understand what colours you need to surround yourself with. Some Awaken Your Psychic Abilities days you will need to wear red for example, as you need to be grounded
and assertive in your work. Other days you will feel drawn to the colour pink as you are feeling sensitive and need to be nurtured. Referring to the chart in this book will assist you with determining which colours represent areas you need to focus on in your life.

So, what is our Aura and what does it consist of? Our Aura is made up of seven layers surrounding our body. The layers are also known as the Auric layers or Subtle Bodies. An Aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds all living things. We as human beings have the ability to feel and in some cases see the Aura. The human Aura is a force field of light that surrounds our entire body. The multiple layers of the Aura interact with our body relaying information throughout the bodies seven Chakra energy centres.

Each layer of our Aura is connected to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual feelings. Our Aura is like a filing cabinet for all of our thoughts, feelings, spiritual awareness, health and past experiences to be stored.

Plants and animals also have Auras.

It is possible to photograph an image of the Aura using Kirlian photography. Have you ever been to a psychic fair and had your Aura photographed? You will notice that the image is made of a number of different colours. Each colours represents a different part of the body. An Aura photograph can indicate if there are any health or emotional issues surrounding the person at the time the photograph is taken.

Some people have the ability to see the Auric colours around people with the human eye, while others are more likely to feel them. With perseverance and practice you could also be able to see and feel the Aura.

(We will do some exercises later in this chapter.)

Have you ever stood in a line at the supermarket and felt like the person next to you was standing too close to you? If you have experienced What is an Aura? this feeling you have felt someone else’s Aura touching yours. Many of us pick up on this type of feeling without realising you have experienced something happening to your Aura.

Many of us pick up on the energy of other people without realising it. Children under the age of 10 are generally very gifted with seeing the Aura’s around people. Many children draw colourful pictures of people, plants and animals with rainbow colours surrounding the subject without even knowing what they are drawing.

This was Extract from AwakenYour PSYCHIC ABILITY by Debbie Malone.

Debbie Malone - Extract from AwakenYour PSYCHIC ABILITY – 20 April, 2016