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True Love Reading Cards -Review

True Love Reading Cards by BelindaGrace

Reviewed by Nathan Ho


The True Love Reading Oracle Cards are the second set of oracle cards written by BelindaGrace which focus on the topic of love. The topic of love, romance and relationships is a consistently popular topic when it comes to receiving an intuitive reading. Whilst love is an enriching element of life and an essential topic that many of us try to understand, Belinda goes beyond the commonly thought of topics concerning love and it is represented through these cards as a pathway to understanding and appreciating, celebrating and honouring one’s self and those around them.


Belinda draws upon some of the teachings from her previous works of her popular books, “You Are Clairvoyant”, “You are Inspired” and “You are Abundant”, which will delight, enlighten and inspire both new and returning audiences of Belinda’s work. Belinda has written in her usual concise and prolific writing style, these cards.

Lori Banks has done an excellent job in portraying Belinda’s work. The colourful and inspiring artworks by Lori contain beautiful imagery which provides sensational visual stimulus to journey into love with. Lori’s artworks and Belinda’s writing combined, provides pathways for a simple, yet profound way of connecting with the themes of this work.


Love can be seen as a multi-faceted element of life to enjoy and learn about. It can be experienced and expressed in a variety of ways and through the True Love Reading Cards, I feel like I am provided with many perspectives on love which empower and inspire me to look at life with a more open heart and more compassion for myself and others. The True Love Reading Cards serve as a great tool for learning to access different meanings of love, to address and acknowledge different imbalances in love and awaken to the abundance of love that can be experienced in each and every day of our lives.


The love that is available to us is unlimited and always available to us. As we learn to open up to this, it can bring in a whole spectrum of happiness into our lives and these cards welcome the opportunities bring this into our days. Whether reading cards are completely new to you or you are experienced and already reading for yourself and others, the True Love Reading Cards can provide you and others with beautiful things to enrich your body, mind and spirit, all in the name of love.

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Nathan Ho – 13 October, 2015