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An extract from "An Alternative Voice" magazine Jan 2014

One of my favourite topics to explore is our shadow side. It is incredibly important to love ourselves. Yet it is impossible to truly do so if we do not embrace the parts of ourselves that we are afraid of, want to erase, reject or suppress. But, if you are able to integrate them and work through your issues, it can also be exhilarating and lead you out of limitation and control into freedom and choice.

Our shadow side contains incredible gifts and opportunities to grow. Most people are so afraid of their shadow qualities that they block them out so the feeling of fear never seems to leave them. Thus more people are turning to drugs or medication to push down the very aspects of themselves which have the potential to create freedom and the joy of being who they are.

People ask me, “Why am I going around and around in circles? I’m trying to be good, think positively, do all the right things, yet I still seem to sabotage myself.” This results from ignoring and rejecting aspects of ourselves we don’t like. We feel ashamed that we could have angry, negative, violent, hateful, judgmental and critical thoughts and feelings about others or ourselves. But trying to suppress them and punish ourselves leads to more negativity and internal suffering.

Connecting to our shadow allows us to embrace and love every aspect of ourselves. We begin to see how our shadow aspects have the capacity to help and enrich our lives if only we are willing to them into the light. The first step is a willingness to recognize that we all possess good and bad, light and shadow, peace and anger, victor and victim. The second is to explore the roles these aspects play in our lives and how, by embracing them, you can experience deep love, compassion, creativity and healing. I include two major sections about our survival archetypes and explain how to work with your shadow in my new book, The Secret of Life Wellness.

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Inna Segal is the creator of Visionary Intuitive Healing®

Inna Segal – 20 January, 2014