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The Secret Of Life Wellness: The Essential Guide To Life's Big Questions

The Secret of Life Wellness, by Inna Segal


September 10, 2013  


In this new, (available in September 2013) insightful book, intuitive healer Inna Segal offers powerful guidance and wisdom to help readers navigate major issues and challenges that life presents. The Secret Of Life Wellness integrates her experience as an intuitive healer with knowledge and information from other metaphysically aware sources. The book is practical and engaging, providing powerful affirmations and meditations along with real life cases to inspire readers to transform themselves and appreciate a bigger picture of our our spiritual journey on Earth.



This book contains a number of online extras - QR codes with Web links to hear audios of the author providing guidance and exercises to further assist the reader. The back section of the book does promote Segal's Visionary Intuitive Healing courses and her various books and audio recordings that can be purchased. However, this book itself is well-rounded and provides resources and input to help get you started with working on any major issue or question in your life. From addressing health issues and parenting to dealing with loss and grief, finding your life purpose or soul mates, healing past lives, enhancing your intuition, managing your weight, and creating more harmony and prosperity in your life, this book provides enlightening tips. The book explores the chakras, archetypes, soul groups, and many other important topics that shape how we experience and process life. Segal is a genuine spiritual guide and healer whose experience has prepared her to offer the wisdom shared in this book. She faced major physical challenges early in her life that led her to uncover her healing talents and spiritual resources.




While this book does not comprehensively deal with all the topics covered it does offer a great foundation and solid suggestions. I found the author's insights to be very valid based upon my own experiences and practice in the metaphysical healing arts - she has an excellent understanding of human life and the spiritual reality that transcends our temporary human form and experience. The book provides real stories showing how we can heal ourselves and enhance our lives with this spiritually-based approach to wellness. This book is highly informative and inspiring - and I am sure I will be recommending it to friends, family, and clients, as it is an accessible and engaging guide to self-improvement and spiritual growth.

Jed Shlackman – 10 September, 2013