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The Secret of Life Wellness Book Review

Book Review – “The Secret of Life Wellness: The Essential Guide to Life’s Big Questions” by Inna Segal.

Reviewed by Nathan Ho


The Secret of Life Wellness, by Inna Segal is a brilliant compilation of inspiration, wisdom, and guidance to a wide range of topics that are commonly asked about in life as we adventure upon the paths of our spiritual journeys. Beginning from the very basics, the book builds on foundation understandings of intuition, our spiritual anatomy and energetic make up, the book further develops into other topics such as understanding past lives, relationships, parenting, and healing emotions. The book itself is read like a journey – beginning with developing self awareness and empowering the reader on their own self-healing journey, to learning how to use this knowledge and apply it to healing their experiences with other aspects of themselves and other people in their lives.


Inna writes in a very practical and down to earth style, which is very empowering for people of all spiritual backgrounds and experiences. It felt like Inna had the intention to provide as much support as she could when thinking of her target audience in writing this book. Inna takes her years of experience as a spiritual healer and teacher, and shares her own anecdotes as well as the experiences of others, which gives the readers something to relate to on a more personal level. Inna teaches several visualisations and healing methods that are presented in her own courses and workshops, which are a testament to her work, and her demonstration of living and leading by example and application. An innovate feature of this book, is the use of hyperlinks and barcodes. They assist in adding more depth to the book, giving readers an experience beyond the book and allowing them to access more in depth information, case studies and talk throughs relating to the discussion topics and exercises featured in the book.


Whether you are just beginning your spiritual journey or you have been on the spiritual path for quite some time, or you are a spiritual practitioner already, I believe that this book has something for everyone. I would highly recommend this book as an essential addition to the bookshelf, as you’ll find yourself referring to this wonderful reference material time and time again.

Nathan Ho – 25 November, 2013