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The Path of the Empress Reviewed

This entire exploration of the feminine power is based on the life of Wu Zhao, the only woman to ever officially rule China. Her rule led to many changes and developments in China which were deemed as extremely radical at the time, many of which are now considered a normal component of life and times in modern and ancient China.

She was born in Sichuan in the year 624, being cared for by her Mother and a nurse. When an astrologer came to the village he was drawn to this lovely girl child, prophesying that she was an exceptional child and that one day she would be the ruler of the Empire. Her father scoffed at the idea but her mother kept the prophecy in her heart and mind.

Wu Zhao was introduced to the court of the Tang Emperor Tai Zong at the age of 14 years as a concubine. She found early favour with the Emperor but was soon discarded in favour of another.

This was the beginning of her journey to become the most powerful woman in China and eventually the Empress of the country.

Each of ten chapters in this book represents the ten stages of a woman’s life, detailing the various changes and steps Wu Zhao was encouraged to undertake and why as her destiny unfolded.

Shaman Sun Simiao guided her steps and was also instrumental in imparting the wisdom she needed to be able to fulfil her role, as well as remaining strong and steadfast throughout the various stages of her challenging life.

Her fundamental intelligence, her knowledge about the art of warfare and her use of sexuality when required, gave her a greater understanding of her inherent feminine powers which she used to great effect.

This incredible wisdom is as sound today as it was when Sun Simiao was advising Wu Zhao, and should be studied by all women regardless of their age, as there is a considerable amount of wisdom to be gathered from these age-old secrets.

The story of Wu Zhao is fascinating and can be read as just that, a story of the woman born to greater things than life in a village. If you want to go deeper into the mystery, each of the chapters has comprehensive details on all aspects of that particular stage in a woman life.

Each chapter is specifically structured to a topic, starting from the beginning of life in ‘The Prophecy, Earlier Heaven, Ripening’, to the final chapter in ‘Wisdom and Completion’, at the end of the cycle. There are potions, affirmations, guidelines and passages of understanding throughout, as each section requires, as well as an excellent Appendix to complete the lessons.

At the commencement of the book there is a caution issued which should be remembered should you set out on the pathways to becoming an Empress and fulfilling your role as you desire.

That caution is “Every woman can become an Empress should she so desire, but it should also be remembered before setting out on the pathway, every woman must also be prepared to accept the consequences of her actions’!

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Janet Mawdesley – 13 May, 2015