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The Crystal Reading Cards Product Review

When I first started using the Crystal Reading Cards, it felt as if I had been given access to the crystal collection of Rachelle Charman. From covering the most common of crystals to ones that I had not ever heard of, it also felt as if Rachelle was there to give me insights and empowering information on using each of the different crystals in my own healing, reading, and intuitive development. These beautiful cards are presented in such a way that captures the essence, properties, and spirit of each of the 56 crystals featured in this set of Oracle Cards.

Unique to this set of oracle cards is its own range of card spreads and layouts for healing and guidance. I found that these card spreads, in combination with the energy of these cards, and the powerful messages given through connections with the devas of the respective crystals to give such relevant, clear, and concise information.

As someone who has had an interest in crystals for several years, I found the energies represented in each of these crystal cards to be unique and shine light onto different aspects of the featured crystals. This ensures that there is a one of a kind experience offered in using these Oracle Cards.

Picking up this set of oracle cards is like picking up a crystal book, full of the healing properties, however the Crystal Reading Cards take it an extra step further. Whilst containing the depth of information and qualities of each of the featured crystals, these cards allow the user to form a quick connection to the energies of each card, making them easy and effective to use for the beginner, crystal enthusiast, seasoned oracle card reader, and everyone in between.

Rachelle’s writing style is practical and easy to understand, and it provides an opportunity to develop a close connection with many different varieties of crystals without having to physically have them in your possession. These are a powerful and transformational set of Oracle Cards that are beautifully presented with a magnificent energy that has something for everyone.


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Reviewed by Nathan Ho – 26 March, 2014