The Child within the Lotus

Human Behavior from Birth

By: Margaret Stephenson Meere


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Published: Mar/09 (AU/NZ)

The Child within the Lotus is a groundbreaking guide from the author of the bestselling Baby's First 100 Days. Blending current western knowledge with eastern wisdom, this book is a guide on how to nurture a child both physically, emotionally and spiritually through all stages of growth. From birth to eight years of age and beyond, normal age appropriate behaviour is explained with practical advice on how to read the signs of tiredness, different types of crying and establishing sleeping patterns. A wealth of essential parenting topics related to spiritual development is also explored. 
  • Designed in colour-coded sections related to the system of the chakras to lead the reader through the developmental stages of human behaviour 
  • Giving insights into holistic aspects of human growth and behaviour 
  • Written in simple, everyday language 
  • An essential parenting resource which promotes emotional and physical well-being
This is a book for anyone nurturing a little child, considering having a child or even for someone thinking about their own childhood and wanting to parent their own personal development. 


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ISBN: 9781921295164

Published: Mar/09 (AU/NZ)

Format: Paperback

Dimensions: 230 mm  x  171 mm

Extent: 240 pages

Rights Sold: Germany, Poland

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About The Author

Margaret Stephenson Meere

Margaret Stephenson Meere

Registered nurse/midwife

Margaret Stephenson Meere, BA BHSc, is an Early Childhood Health Practitioner based in Sydney.

A registered nurse/midwife, with working experience in both Australia and the UK spanning nearly four decades, she came to the realisation in the 1980s that education and prevention, rather than cure, is preferable for a healthy life experience.

Margaret brings to her work a belief in holistic medicine, having trained in Cranio-sacral therapy Paediatrics) with the Upledger Institute and also in Hellerwork postural correction and counselling. She studied Human Bioscience with a major in History to complete her Bachelor of Arts. Her work as an Early Childhood and Family Health Nurse Specialist commenced after she completed her Tresillian training.

A mother of four sons and grandmother to four delightful grandchildren she spends most of her time on the mid north coast of New South Wales.

Margaret’s first book, Baby’s First 100 Days, was published in 2001.

Margaret will be appearing at the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival on the 8th October 2009 for the International Launch of The Child within the Lotus. For more information on the launch click the image below

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