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An Extract from An Alternative Voice Nov/Dec 2013

The art and craft of spellcasting is an ancient one, with roots which go back for millennia. There are records of spells recorded in the “Egyptian Book of the Dead”, and in today’s modern world, spellcasting is experiencing a revival.

I believe the art of spellcasting is manifesting taken to a very high, yet very real and grounded place, where the likelihood of success is greatly amplified because of its holistic approach. A good spell will engage you on every level – physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually, and demands your commitment and participation.

When we truly commit to spellcasting, we are already setting into motion the kind of belief that ensures results. When we work with wisely crafted spells the results are not only swift, tangible and lasting. Some folks feel mistrustful of spells and the craft generally.  Understandable, given the propensity of Hollywood to portray spellcasters as reactive, selfish and often filled
with malintent.

True spellcasters are careful, and very conscious of the work they do. The fear around spellcasting and crafting is extremely limiting. When we work with natural forces in order to change our lives for the better, which is what I know a spell to be, the danger of anything going “wrong” is very small.

This is your chance to spend 12 days in one of the most powerful places on earth learning, laughing and healing with experiences Healers & Teachers of the Khemit School of Ancient Mysticsm on a Journey throughout Egypt that will feature
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We can make mistakes but, if our intent is good, we are protected. The worst that will happen is that it will not work. Spells cast with malintent and coming from an emotionally negative place may have unpleasant results. This is because they are breaking some of the laws of spellcasting. These include the law of the threefold return which reminds us to consider that the energy we send out will be returned to us threefold.

Another unbreakable law is that of consent. True spellcasters never cast against the wishes of another person. Love spells, therefore, while popular, are very carefully constructed so as not to harm or influence the free will of another person.
True spellcraft and casting is about working deeply with natural forces and laws. Spells are like prayers in action. When
spellcasting, we work with the elements – air, fire, water, earth and of course the binding element – spirit. These make our spells powerful, and able to manifest completely into the “real” world.

Each element has these multiple aspects, and we work with each of them, according to needs, and according to what we most wish to create. It is this healthy and holistic approach which endows spells with the power to break through the world of the imagined and thought to the world of action, touch, feeling and reality.

So the art of casting will, in many ways, be an education in Magick which is grounded in the earth, the Universe, the natural cycles, and this amazing blue and green planet. Our home, which I love! 

Lucy's latest book is called ‘Spellbound’




LUCY CAVENDISH – 06 November, 2013