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Step on the gas. No, he's just kidding

HUMOUR is the best way to teach men to be fathers, according to Melbourne author Steve Bedwell.

The Caulfield South dad has some unusual tips for budding fathers, including testing bath water temperature with your testicles, in his new book the Baby's Owner Manual Father's Edition.

Bedwell, 47, said he was inspired to write the funny-but-useful guide, which likens babies to cars, after the birth of daughter Zara, 3.

"When my wife was pregnant it seemed to me there wasn't many books on impending fatherhood," he said. "And most books on parenting were very dry and boring to read. A humorous bent gives you a bit of a laugh and will make you read more in the end."

Bedwell said his wife thought the book was a cute idea and his friends got a giggle out of it, but he said there was important information for fathers-to-be in the book.

"The care and maintenance of a child is the same as looking after a car," he said. "The head is a sealed unit and you shouldn't try to take the top off and tinker with the inside. And you must constantly consult with the owner of the baby (the mum) or it will go wrong."

A second book for fathering toddlers is in the pipeline.

The baby manual is set to be released tomorrow.

Alex White – 14 August, 2011