Spellbound Book Review

Spellbound is the latest book by Lucy Cavendish, offering the reader an insight into the magickal world of spells. A “Grimoire”, pronounced grim-wa, is the name given to the magickal book/s kept by a spell-caster, keeping record of the spells which they have been working with, their observations, experiences, and their place in their lives.

Spellbound is a written expression of Lucy’s experience as a witch. The book begins with some background information on witches, witchcraft, and spells. Contrary to popular belief about the complexity and mystical portrayal or spells, spells are actually more everyday and commonplace than many of us have realised. Lucy explains the nature of spells; in terms of them being anything, which we wish to create in our lives. Whether it be through the power of the spoken word, thoughts that we are thinking, or ritual and guided action, spells a great impact in our lives.

Reading through Lucy’s book, I can really see how passionate she is about the work that she does and the life that she lives. Her practical and concise writing style makes it a pleasure to learn about magic, which I have come to understand, comes back to working with nature. The book portrays magic and spell craft as very empowering work to do for yourself because of these connections with all is natural; the elements, the seasons, the moon cycles, all that is within us, and around us works together.

You could think of this book like a magickal recipe book to suit different people and their purposes. The spells that Lucy has written in this book are spells that have originated from her many years as a witch. There are spells that she has written for things such as abundance, love, manifesting, and protection.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone that is interested in learning more about the magick that is present in everyday life. Whether you are a seasoned spell-caster or at the beginning of your magickal path, there is something for everyone in Spellbound. You can work with these spells just as they are presented in the book, or if you are looking for more, then you can use these spells as a starting point for creating your own.

Blessings, and gratitude,


Nathan and Friends O:)

Nathan Ho – 17 December, 2013