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Sheila has mastered the art of blending two diametrically opposite careers: she is a corporate leader as well as a spiritual teacher and mentor, medium and psychic reader. She holds an MBA and has fifteen years' experience in publishing and media preceded by a foundation of eight years' experience in chartered accounting and banking. She was also the CFO of a global publishing company.

Sheila is the founder of Empowering Intuition. Her natural mediumistic and psychic abilities were passed down through multiple generations in her family, and she cultivated those skills at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College. She immersed herself in learning reiki and multiple mindfulness techniques at Esalen with Dr Shauna Shapiro, and studied bhakti yoga and the Vedic teachings of Kripalu Maharaj. She was taught by world-renowned medium James Van Praagh at The Omega Institute and studied executive coaching and NLP with Tad James Co.
She appeared on Australian television on Psychic TV and Channel 9's documentary series BIG MIRACLES. Sheila's corporate smarts are combined with her deep intuition to provide grounded practical advice in her sessions.

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How to heal your 'mother wounds' and reconnect this 'Mother's Day'

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