Self-Love and Self-Healing with Akal

Meet Akal Pritam, creator of #SelfLoveTheBook, #SelfLoveOracle, #InspiredByFrida mini reading cards and #LetGo mini reading cards published by Rockpool. See Akal's creations here:

Self-love is fully illustrated exploration into the embodiment of truly living and breathing a life of self-nourishment and spiritual harmony. Akal takes you deep into the chambers of your chakras and draws on powerful rituals, sacred recipes, soul lessons and more, for you to begin residing closer to living in a space of continuous love... Akal Pritam’s heart-centred offerings meld her experience and talents as a creative communicator with daily awareness practices of loving and compassionate self-enquiry — being an eternal student of love.

Akal firmly and lovingly takes your hand to bring your heart and soul to the front and centre of self-awareness—through your personal response to her creative offerings. Akal asks you to connect with and commit to living your life on creative purpose, overflowing with self-love, self-reverence, compassion and generosity. Akal lives in Australia, in the Hinterland of the Byron Bay region—where the wildness of nature activates her connection to intuitive and liberated creative expression.

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Integrative Healing with Sadhana – 28 September, 2020