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Sally Matterson gets Shark Tank Deal

Sharks, my mission is simple; inspire women to take up strength training & educate them on how to do so. Teach women to balance their hormones & shred fat for life!"


My bring it home finishing line in my Shark Tank pitch. What a thrill, what a ride it has been. I had a vision for my business 3 years ago that I would create something that no one else was doing in mainstream fitness...bringing the good news of hormone health to the masses & creating a whole fat loss philosophy based on these principles.


Shark Tank was an amazing (yet terrifying) experience & I walked into the tank with one mission; inspire the audience to want to learn more about hormone balance & get women educated! I had all of the Sharks attention but I was only ever really after one Shark. I did my research & I looked at who, based on what they had achieved in their own career, would benefit the business most. I have a feeling you could guess, if you do not already know, who I was fishing for...the woman in red.


Not only is Naomi Simson, founding director of RedBalloon, an extremely talented speaker and author, she knows a thing or two about online business and I was determined to get her on board as a Shredder. Fortunately for me she took a bite & I was more than willing to negotiate. Two heads are always better than one as the saying goes & I hope together we can create a lasting brand that will benefit the health of generations to come.


Hormones are a bit of a buzz word in the health industry at the moment but no one really knows their impact & my biggest mission was to teach the everyday person what they do, how they store fat & what we can naturally do to address this issue. You only have to read some of the most recent studies from doctors like Dr. John R. LeeDr. Sherill Sellman linking insulin, cortisol & oestrogen imbalances to not only fat storage, but disease & you soon realise the nation & the world are facing a hormone imbalance epidemic.


My systems of fat loss are all about hormone health. My recent blog series encompasses each & every aspect of my fat loss program & you will soon discover that it's not just about calories in and calories out + pounding the pavement, it's about understanding the critical role hormones play in the body.


You can read more here;

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OR purchase my book HEALTHY BODY that was given to the Sharks at the end of my pitch. If you have not seen the episode yet I will have it available for viewing shortly.  


Yours in Hormone Health & Fitness,

Sally Matterson.


To read more about Sally - follow her BLOG here

Shark Tank – 24 May, 2016