Saints & Mystics Review in Español

May you hear the call of the saints and mystics and invoke their engeries into your life....

Calling out to all the spanish tongues, we have a fantastic review of the familiar and exciting Saints and Mystics Reading Cards by author , Andrés Engracia and Illustrated by Wesley Souza.
Guided by the powerful intuition and voice of psychic seer, Arabela Jade, and with the background music to set the enchanting mood, we delve into the deeper layers of this bold oracle deck and learn the clever secrets in the colours, visuals and intriguing representations of these immortal spirits whom have walked the earth before us.
Embrace the powers of the spirits and discover the ways they reach out to us in life and dreams, to influence and create change, healing, inspiration and challenge into our hearts, mind and soul.

Saints and Mystics Reading Cards is available now.

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Arabela Jade Tarot – 11 October, 2019