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Review of Tarot of the Sorceress

The Justice card calls for balance or the restoration of balance, cutting through and separating what needs to be sorted. Through its symmetry it is also an invitation to bring greater clarity, stability and therefore balance to things. Justice is like a set of scales, represented here by two blossoming sleeves. The first is made up of chamomile, daisies, Indian marigolds, primroses, St John’s wort, heliotrope, bellflowers and cinq foil, all soft, spring-like and blossoming. The other sleeve is covered with holly, ivy, chestnut burrs, and thorny dry yew and brambles, representing the difficulties encountered in the dark and cold of winter when resources are lacking.

Based on Rider-Waite and Marseilles Tarot, this Tarot deck features seasonal festivals, sabbaths, plants, crystals, astrology, and ritual. The suits reflect the elements....(More)

Wendy Stokes – 10 October, 2023