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Review of Egyptian Star Oracle by Wendy Stokes

This is an authentic 5,000 year old Egyptian styled deck with artwork, translations, and spells with source material from the Pyramid and Coffin Texts. There is information about the Calendar with readings based on 10 day periods. There is more detailed information about the calendar and the stars of the night sky from the author’s book on the topic “Cult if the Stars”. 

The deck begins with a ritual invocation. There are birthday cards for 5 oof the Egyptian Gods. Each card has a 60 word card meaning, a 60 word history and a 30 word ritual. There are a variety of spreads suggested, a 4 card Life of a Star, a 10 card Pyramid, and a 12 card Hours of the Night. 

The author, Travis McHenry is an experienced occultist. He is the creator of Occult Tarot, Angel Tarot, Vlad Dracula Tarot and Hieronymus Bosch Tarot. 

The box gives the impression that the cards are colourfully decorated with lots of attactive symbols, please see the walkthrough for a realistic view of the cards.

Mind Body & Soul Ezine – 23 June, 2023