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Raising Competent Teenagers Review

A how-to guide that can be read straight through, or dipped into for advice on more than 100 different issues common to parents of teens Traversing the teen years is tricky and challenging for most parents. Pornography, sex, cyber bullying, body piercing, drug experimentation, and tattoos are all part of adolescent life. How do you remain an effective, strong and compassionate parent, able to talk to your children as they become adult? This hands-on manual contains tools for keeping up communication with your teen. The author has distilled the wisdom of prominent parenting educators and her own knowledge as a medical doctor and also a mother of five children. More than 100 issues are discussed and are followed up with practical "what to do" ideas. Major areas discussed include brain and body changes, parent teen conflict, implementing rules and family values, saying no, narcissism and entitlement, and helicopter and tiger parenting.

My Thoughts (5 Stars)

As parents to modern kids, we have a lot of things to deal with that as teens, we didn't have to deal with. We had Internet, but porn wasn't a big thing then online, mainly just magazines. We didn't have to deal with being texted and being bullied online. Or the hurtful things friends might say about a photo we have on Facebook. This is all new and how to talk to our kids about it. My oldest is 11 and the teens years are right around the corner. However, being in middle school, he's exposed to a lot more than I would like.

This is a great go-to book when a issue arises and how to handle it and talk to your teen. This book was filled with so much advice, that I know it will come in handy very soon.

The parts I did read at this point, I found the writing to be good and flowed well. It caught me attention and held on to it.

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New Age Mama – 07 January, 2016