Raising Angels

A novel filled with love and the wisdom of Angels

By: Paul Morris Segal


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Published: Jun/13 (AU/NZ), Jun/13 (UK)

When young Raphael finds a worn out angel lying on the side of the road in the pouring rain, he decides to take it home and look after it. Smuggling it into his room without his parents realizing, Raphael and his sister are intrigued: this angel doesn't look the way they had imagined angels to be. And why is this angel here? There must be a reason, because everything happens for a reason, he decides.

Raising Angels, a charming short fiction book set amongst the warmth and love of everyday family life, illustrates how angels can be messengers for peace and love. Poetry and music are intertwined with the character s lives as they move along an incredible journey of love, loss and hope..with the help of angels.

Advance praise for Paul Morris Segal's Raising Angels Every now and again a small book enters our lives, which carries a big punch. Jonathan Livingston s Seagull was such a book. Now, on an entirely different theme of angels and humans, Raising Angels is a sweet, heart opening book that carries a powerful message of Love. And in our current times, no other message could be more appropriate. - Michael J. Roads, author of Through The Eyes of Love and Journey Into Nature

I loved taking some time out from the busyness to immerse myself in Raising Angels and being taken on a journey in the process. Raising Angels is an intriguing and compelling read and I adored the way each character contributed and shared their own pearls of wisdom and stayed open to the magic. Thank you Paul for creating this beautiful and uplifting story to share with the whole family. - Vanessa Finnigan, Holistic Bliss Magazine

Raising Angels is a comforting promise that there is much more to this world. The journeys and lessons in Raising Angels are not only gripping, but artistic portrayals of essential spiritual principals. From one beautiful chapter to the next I found myself immersed in an uplifting energy that left me fulfilled. - Charles Virtue, co-author of Signs From Above

Raising Angels is a beautiful example of a therapeutic metaphor for life. It applies the right medicine for an aching soul so we can all experience more of the truth of who we are and who we came here to be. - Gary De Rodriguez, CEO People Rich USA, Master Trainer of HNLP

In Raising Angels, Paul Morris Segal has crafted a love letter to the future, sharing profound insights on the power of love, positive intention, and family, wrapped up in a sweet allegorical tale, accessible to readers of any age. - Jenefer Angell, Editor, Beyond Words Publishing

Raising Angels is a touching story that evokes a sense of child-like innocence, while seamlessly weaving in deeper spiritual themes. It is this feeling of purity and openness that makes the book special. Raising Angels will touch many hearts. - Mark Ireland, author of Soul Shift: Finding Where the Dead Go

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ISBN: 9781921878497

Published: Jun/13 (AU/NZ), Jun/13 (UK)

Format: Paperback

Dimensions: 175 mm  x  135 mm

Extent: 160 pages

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About The Author

Paul Morris Segal

Paul Morris Segal

Paul Morris Segal is a professional speaker and journalist who has co-authored three books¸ Laugh Now¸ First Kiss and How to get the man you want How to get the woman you want. Paul has led programs on laughter therapy and personal effectiveness for educational institutions, organizations, charities and businesses and is widely published in newspapers and magazines.

As President of Inner KissTM Publishing, Paul has co-produced over 45 audio programs. He has co-produced the Living Your Best Life DVD as well as the Living Life Now television program. Paul has recently created, with concert pianist and music producer Phillip Gelbach, the Angel Touch CD audio. This contains uplifting music with extremely high vibrational healing frequencies designed to bring balance while calming and energizing your body This can help you relieve tension, increase oxygen flow and energy through your body bringing a feeling of wellbeing.

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