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Questions and Answers about life after death

I often get asked similar questions each day when I am doing my readings for my clients, so I put the most common down into questions and answers, and published them in my book  What Happens' Next? Answering your questions about life after death.  Here is a few of the most common ones to start with.

Can we meet our ancestors/ loved ones in the afterlife?

Yes, we can meet up with our passed loved ones and ancestors. Usually many generations of the one family will all wait together to reincarnate as a group, not necessarily in the same family dynamic; they may come back as friends, teachers, partners etc.

Please do not worry that your loved ones won't be there to meet up with you, it is rare for a passed loved one to come back in the physical form quickly. It may take a couple of hundred years before the family group as a whole or part will decide to return to the physical realm to learn more lessons.

Can we still see our family's achievements/ weddings/ birthdays when we pass?

Yes most definitely. I have lost count of the number of times a spirit person has come through in a reading to tell me how proud they are of their family member's achievements.

They also tell me of the joy they felt at witnessing the birth of a new family member or of seeing their loved ones at Christmas time around the dinner table.

Who meets us when we pass?

Usually the first spirit person that you will meet will be your main spirit guide. Your main spirit guide has been with you from the moment before you were conceived right up until you pass away.

Your spirit guide will help you with your transition into the spirit world, where you will be met by passed loved ones and pets.

When someone passes, the family on Earth grieves and may hold a goodbye ceremony such as a funeral or memorial. It is the opposite for the person's family in the spirit world, they hold a welcoming party. They are happy to reconnect with their loved one and are excited to show them all the wonderful things that can be experienced in the spirit world.

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Jade-Sky – 13 March, 2014