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Publishers Weekly US reviews Witches and Wizards

Cavendish (Spellbound) mixes together history, biography, and the religion of magick, under which umbrella the author includes wizardry, witchcraft, and the occult. Early on, Cavendish gives an excellent historical overview of famous figures who practiced magick, such as Merlin. The reader also learns how those who practiced witchcraft, and those accused of such practices, were treated unjustly.

Through historical accounts, readers learn how accused witches were horrendously tortured by burning, hanging, and decapitation. In addition to stories of legendary witches and wizards, Cavendish also provides accounts of the lives of famous occultists, such as the flamboyant Aleister Crowley. Surprises abound as Cavendish delves into the influence of these legends over later figures, including the importance of Crowley to famous artists such as John Lennon.

Cavendish’s work is an important reminder of the contributions to society by those who have made practicing the religion of magick a personal endeavor. (May)

Reviewed on: 04/24/2017

Release date: 05/01/2017

Open Ebook - 180 pages - 978-1-925429-09-1

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Publishers Weekly US. – 24 April, 2017