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Psychic Sharina Star dishes the dirt on the biggest myths around her special gift

SHARINA Star reckons she’s a cynic.

The well-known psychic doesn’t believe you can bring back a loved one from the dead and she won’t predict the winning lotto numbers either. But there’s one thing the popular psychic with a host of celebrity clients does believe — and there is a little bit of magic in all of us.

According to her, we are all actually born with psychic ability, but over time, our left brain takes over from the intuitive right brain and we lose our confidence in these abilities, and our familiarity with them.
“I’m a cynic too,” she told
Star said she simply believed in the act of doing and helping people find their own success.

Her card set & book, Fortune Reading Cards, aims to help people just do that, and she insists you don’t need to be a trained psychic to figure it all out.

The set comprises 36 reading cards, which hold a personal or spiritual message and can be used anywhere, at any time. They’re designed to help people to tap into their unknown abilities.

Star says it wasn’t until a traumatic childhood event, when she was kidnapped, that she realised she had something special. She saw what she describes as a golden light, and had what she calls an awakening.

But she admits not everyone would recognise the signs.
“Most of us want proof but the truth is we all have intuition, just some more than others,” she said.
“Animals have it and all babies do as well, but many of us just lost it along the way.”

Star says she realises how some people may perceive psychic powers, and there are people out there who just want your money. It’s the same with any job or skill. Those wanting a genuine psychic should avoid dodgy phone lines and instead rely on word of mouth.

“Also if they’re fishing too much that’s a sign they might not be what they say, and especially be careful of ridiculous claims like you’ll win lotto,” she said.

Star, who says she’s predicted births and marriages, claims there are a lot of myths regarding what psychics can tell you and do, including:

* They have powers to get revenge on people;
* They can make you rich;
* They will cast spells or spark bad fortune;
* They will miraculously cure your health or problems.

Star says it is ultimately up to people to help themselves, and a good psychic can only help guide them.
“I don’t think I’m anything special,” she said.
“I’m just doing what I do.” – 20 October, 2014