Paul Morris Segal

Paul Morris Segal is a professional speaker and journalist who has co-authored three books¸ Laugh Now¸ First Kiss and How to get the man you want / How to get the woman you want. Paul has led programs on laughter therapy and personal effectiveness for educational institutions, organizations, charities and businesses and is widely published in newspapers and magazines.

As President of Inner KissTM Publishing, Paul has co-produced over 45 audio programs. He has co-produced the Living Your Best Life DVD as well as the Living Life Now television program. Paul has recently created, with concert pianist and music producer Phillip Gelbach, the Angel Touch CD / audio. This contains uplifting music with extremely high vibrational healing frequencies designed to bring balance while calming and energizing your body . This can help you relieve tension, increase oxygen flow and energy through your body - bringing a feeling of wellbeing.

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