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Paige McLeod has been passionate about all things intuitive and ethereal for as long as she can remember. The symbolism-heavy, dreamscape aesthetic of her design work is a reflection of her internal world, expressed via high-vibration visuals that transport the viewer and invoke feelings of tranquillity and euphoria.

Paige founded Prism + Fleur Design Studio, which unites her love for ancient culture and divination and has opened doors to collaboration with various publications, clients and stores internationally as well as being a foundation for her work to evolve into the spiritual realm of tarot and oracle decks.

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Astral Realms Crystal Oracle Unboxing

Astral Realms Crystal Oracle Unboxing

Hello beautiful, I'm here with you today to unbox the Astral Realms Crystal Oracle. The Astral Realms Crystal Oracle was kindly sent to me by Rockpool. The Astral Realms Crystal Oracle was created by Dark Moon Crystals Prism and, Fleur Design Studios.