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Pagan Pages Reviews: The Naked Witch

Book Review: The Naked Witch an Autobiography by Fiona Horne
By: Deanna Lambert

The Naked Witch is an autobiography by Fiona Horne. It is a beautifully written book that reads like an old friend telling you a story of their life.

This book took me on a journey of emotions. It was a roller-coaster of ups and downs. I cried and laughed. It also inspired me to see how Fiona came through it all. No matter what obstacle life presented her.

Fiona opens up and shares the low moments of her life. Bullying in grade school, drug use, alcoholism, break-ups, and the breakup of Def FX.

Sprinkled throughout that is the highs. Fiona modeled for Playboy, not once, but twice! She learned how to fly and became a pilot. She beat drug abuse and alcoholism. She learned how to fire dance and how to deep sea dive. Don’t forget being lead singer for Def FX.

Throughout the book, Fiona shares about her adoption, her childhood with her adopted parents, meeting her biological mother, and finding out about her biological father.

We get to see little Fiona playing in the Australian bush. Presenting gifts to the gods and goddesses. Then we see the Witch coming out during her Def FX days. She explains that her Witchy side was in her costumes and the lyrics she wrote. We also get to see her in Salem performing a ritual. We see her meditating and living a more simple life later on.

Fiona shares about her time during a Vipassana retreat. She also shares a rare moment she had during the filming of Mad Mad House where she starred as a Witch. The moment she had and the conversation that happened after the moment were never aired, but it still has an incredible impact.

Have you ever moved? It’s extremely stressful. Fiona didn’t just move, she moved to a completely different country where she only knew a few people.

Throughout the book, Fiona shows us time and time again, how she is the true definition of a survivor. She meets every obstacle head on, and doesn’t just come out on the other side. She completely destroys the obstacle and succeeds beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.

To me, this wasn’t just an autobiography. This book has inspired me to go after whatever my heart desires. It shows that age is just a number, and you can really do whatever you set your mind to. It teaches the reader to be grateful for the little things, and to smile every chance you get.

Fiona Horne is the leader singer of Def FX, a Playboy model, and a well-known Witch. I’d like to give her the titles of Survivor, Life Changer, and Inspiration. After reading The Naked Witch, I think you’ll agree.

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Deanna Lambert – 01 February, 2018