Numerology for your Family

By: Rosemaree Templeton


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Published: Mar/10 (AU/NZ), Jul/10 (US), Mar/10 (UK)

Numerology for Your Family shows you how to use Numerology to understand your children, with specific tools to help give your child the right name. Whether you re new to Numerology or ready to take the next step and begin applying it to your own family, it is a simple and informative self-help book that will show parents how to use the energies and vibrations of numbers to better understand their children. At 17, RoseMaree Templeton began her lifelong journey with numerology and Pythagorean theory, studying under her grandmother, Hettie Templeton, Australia s foremost numerologist during the 1940s and 1950s. Hettie Templeton worked for years among children and adults. In 1940 she wrote Numbers and their Influence, which she updated in 1956 with A Philosophy of Numbers. She realised her methods were unorthodox, but wrote and taught in the certainty that her knowledge could help parents to better understand their children.

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ISBN: 9781921295294

Published: Mar/10 (AU/NZ), Jul/10 (US), Mar/10 (UK)

Format: Paperback

Dimensions: 210 mm  x  135 mm

Extent: 224 pages

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About The Author

Rosemaree Templeton

Rosemaree Templeton

At the age of 17 RoseMaree began to study The Science of Numbers. Her teacher and mentor was her grandmother, Hettie Templeton, who was the first Australian authority on the subject, which is now more widely known as Numerology. Hettie’s first book on the subject was published in 1940.


Maree spent several years in her grandmother’s classes learning about Numerology, as well as Pythagorean philosophy – and about life in general. Maree lived in Papua New Guinea for two years, working at the University of Papua New Guinea. On her return to Australia, Maree married and had a son. During this time she became more connected with her beloved subject of Numerology and gave numerous talks and lectures on the subject.


Since 1999 Maree has returned to Numerology in a serious vein and over these years has modified lessons for distance learning, held workshops and done countless readings. Maree’s main objective is to help people to live their lives more successfully in their everyday routine – with the help of numerology and practical metaphysics.


Maree lives in Sydney and has currently re-written one of her grandmother’s books.

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