Nicci Garaicoa

Multi-talented author, speaker, psychic, tantric priestess, medicine woman and Kinesiologist Nicci Garaicoa, writes in ways that connect straight to your heart and fill you up with love.
Nicci is the author of the much-loved Moon Goddess Diaries, featured on Amazons best-selling and hot new release lists.
She is a powerful healer, the author of 5 books, and an intuitive channel of moon goddess and sacred feminine wisdom.
Nicci is known across Australia for her Full Moon Meditations, which attract thousands of people to her local beach and are watched worldwide, by thousands more.
She has deep connections to Mother Earth and to the Moon, which enables her to bring through abundant support into all her projects.
Nicci can often be found somewhere in nature, paddling on the ocean, walking through the Australian bush or bathing under the Moon, with her children or puppies Toby and George.

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Review of 2024 Moon Goddess Diary

Review of 2024 Moon Goddess Diary

Review of 2024 Moon Goddess Diary by Nicci Garaicoa, illustrated by Olivia Burki and published by Rockpool Publishing. This full-colour, beautifully illustrated diary has been written with such love and care you will feel it flow effortlessly from its pages and into your life.