Nat Girsberger

Swiss Brooklyn-based artist Nat Girsberger creates art interpreting the unseen - a realm that includes the personal inner world, music and the collective psyche. Nat visually explores profound themes beyond the edge of perception and words, and hints that everyone's reality may just look a little different. Her colourful, retro-futuristic collages encourage viewers to connect to their unseen potential and go beyond what they thought was accessible to them.
Nat was awarded a visa for extraordinary ability to work in the United States as a visual artist. She creates for clients such as Universal Music Group, Google LLC, Michaels, Amazon, Refinery29, The Discovery Channel, Rockefeller Center and Frequency. New York City exhibitions include the current 3-storey installation and show at Showfields, the 2018 solo show 'Close Your Eyes' at the Storefront Project Gallery, later shown at '68 Jay', and her 2017 solo show 'Transient Terrain' at Ivy Brown Gallery. She's also exhibited in several group shows at Yale University, Subliminal Projects, Carrie Able Gallery, Wallplay, The Living Gallery and many more.
Her work has been reviewed in various media across the globe, including Rolling Stone, Vogue, Whitehot Magazine, Hyperallergic, Pitchfork, Artreveal, Kolaj, Paper, among various others.
In addition to working on commissions, Nat has stepped into the role of curator for venues like Superfine Art Fair and Showfields.
Nat graduated magna cum laude from New York University Gallatin visual communication.

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Radiant Wilds Tarot by Nat Girsberger: A Quick Flipthrough

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