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Nadia Turner is an Australian Illustrator and Artist who creates wayward wonders out of a little studio up in the Dandenong Ranges just outside of Melbourne, Australia. She works in several mediums, including acrylic on wood and canvas, ink and watercolor, paper and textile collage. Her influences stream from many areas, from the art of the surrealists, especially that of Remedios Varo and Leonora Carrington, the Pre-Raphaelites, traditional folk art, various children's books and of course, ancient myth, symbolism and legends.

"I am fascinated by other worlds and other cultures. In my work I am trying to capture a moment in a character's life and evoke a sense of otherworldliness. Just like when you look at an old photograph, I want you to wonder…. who are these creatures…what worlds do they live in…and what are their dreams?

She graduated with a Diploma of Illustration from Melbourne Polytechnic in 2005 and has since worked as an illustrator and artist, exhibiting in a number of solo and group shows within Australia and overseas and creating illustrations for a variety of clients from within the publishing industry as well as commissions for private individuals and businesses. She especially enjoys illustrating children's picture books.

When not drawing or creating you'll find her, coffee in hand, perusing bookstores or wandering in the forest looking for mushrooms and treasures.

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