Minoo Ratan

Dr Minoo Ratan, is a life coach, practising psycho aromatherapist and healer. In her psychotherapy practice she integrates aromatherapy with lymph drainage and chakra healing.
Dr Minoo has a Masters in Psychology and specialisation in occupational stress, besides a degree in education focusing on adolescent stress. She started treating psychosomatic conditions using plant essential oils in 1993. She submitted successful case studies as part of her research, for which she was awarded her PhD by the Open International University of Alternative Medicine. She is also a member of Bombay Psychology Association and has been trained in advance pranic healing with psychotherapy and eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (based on the Shapiro School, USA) for trauma management. 

Dr Minoo's Mind Body Clinic is in Mumbai, India, where she provides consultancy and counselling and life coaching for the management of psychosomatic disorders as well as interpersonal problems. She also provides healing treatments using aromatherapy, manual lymph drainage, chakra therapy, and pranic and spiritual healings. She has an association with institutions such as Dr BMN College of Home Science and MMP Shah College, both in Mumbai, as a counsellor, also conducting various training workshops for students and other institutions on stress management, inner grooming, chakra healing and meditation and naam sankirtan yoga. Dr Minoo travels to the USA, Canada, the UK, Europe and Australia to offer consultancy and treatments, as well as co-conducting training workshops on integrated healing with aromatherapy, lymph drainage, emotional release and chakra healing with Dr Ravi Ratan. 

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