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Meditation for Motherhood Book Review by Nathan Ho

“Meditation for Motherhood: Zen meditation for conception, pregnancy and birth” written by Yogi Brahmasamhara. Reviewed by Nathan Ho

Meditation for motherhood by Yogi is his latest book appealing to introducing the concept of meditation for expecting mothers. On first glance of this book do not let its title for you into thinking that this is only just for the mothers. This book can be also read and worked with by the husband or other partner who is arm accompanying the expecting mother to assist and empower the couple to form a shared understanding and develop together as the baby develops.

The book is structured in such a logical and practical way that makes it a joy and a delight to read and work through. Combining Yogi’s meditation experience, practicality and the case studies of some of his clients and students, this book serves as a great resource for supporting expecting mothers and supporting them in a peaceful and harmonious birth and pregnancy. With the general conception of pregnancy being stressful and painful, it is comforting and reassuring to know that the art of meditation is being taught to people to assist and support them. It’s through the teachings from this book, that new and expecting mothers and couples can realise the joy that is part of pregnancy itself.

This book is divided into sections such as;

 - The preparation for meditation,

 - Meditation during the trimesters and

 - Meditation after the actual birth of the baby.

This book can be used for people who are new to meditation people who are well are ready experienced in meditation and the art and people who are looking for a holistic way of treating the pregnancy as a blessing rather than a burden.

The more mindful you are during your birth the more mindful you are with your child later on and as your child is more mindful and as your child is more at peace as a result of that, there's more harmony in your family unit itself. Meditation will heighten your connection that you have with your child and it will assist you in having a more powerful relationship in the long term. It will support you in developing communication skills that go beyond verbal communication. Meditation equips you with the skills to deal with daily life and that supports you in developing the skills necessary to communicate with your baby to connect with them and to ensure that there needs are met.

The more and more peace your child is and there are many reasons for this before during and after pregnancy and if you're able to work through the exercises in this book and meditate you will gain the benefits and so will your child

I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who is considering having a baby anyone who is already pregnant - whether they are at the beginning of their pregnancy, in the middle or at the end of the pregnancy. I strongly recommend this book because I believe that there would be very useful very powerful and uplifting meditations that can serve you and benefit you, your partner, and your child to be. 

Nathan Ho – 13 July, 2014