Magick of You Oracle: Cleanse & Restore Ritual | ShuffleTarot

The “Magick of You Oracle - Unlock your hidden truths” by Fiona Horne by Rockpool Publishing. ❤️

"I’m enjoying working with this deck and learning the magical aspect to each card in the form of corresponding rituals. The rituals for each card are optional but damn there good!" says Nina of ShuffleTarot.

When placed in traditional magic spreads, the cards will hold a mirror up to your soul, allowing you to discover your true self and opening the door to your next adventure. You will emerge into the light and reclaim your peace of mind and empowered sense of purpose. 

Click the link and see Nina share one of the 36 special oracle card rituals created for the deck.

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ShuffleTarot – 29 July, 2019