Jessica Rollar

Jess Rollar is an artist, card reader and blog writer. Having been reading cards since early 2013, her passion quickly turned into creating Tarot and oracle decks. Jess' main focus resides with Tarot cards but she also enjoys reading with a standard playing card deck. When it comes to cartomancy, Jess often likes to focus on the more mundane, day-to-day aspects of life and the situations we find ourselves in rather than focus on the mystical or spiritual.
As a self taught digital illustrator and traditional artist who works with ink and watercolor, Jess draws inspiration from daily life, street art and character design. She often enjoys sketching from real life and dabbling around with unique color palettes, always paying close attention to detail.
Jess is located in the Arizona White Mountains with her husband and daughter, along with two dogs, a cat and seven hens. When she's not reading cards or illustrating them, she is often found hiking local trails, digging in the garden or drinking copious amounts of iced coffee.

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