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Is Coconut Oil the only health and beauty product you need?

For businesswoman and author, Jenni Madison, from New South Wales, the magical powers of coconut have a very personal meaning.

When she found herself extremely sick during a trip to Thailand in 2010, she tried coconut oil and started to get better.

Following this surprising discovery, Jenni went on to start her own business Coconut Magic, selling puret coconut oil, and release a book about the varied uses for the versatile product.

When Ms Madison re-located to Thailand in 2010 and developed a chronic digestive ailment, the doctors were confused.

Her lack of energy, brain fog and bad eczema were not responding to traditional medications, and it wasn't until a local said she should try coconut oil that she started feeling better:

'I started taking it and applying it to my skin when they told me about coconut oil's healing powers,' Ms Madison tells Daily Mail Australia.

'Because coconut oil is anti fungal you have to build up your dosage. But pretty quickly I started seeing amazing results. My eczema cleared up and my digestion improved. I rang my sister back home and told her she needed some in her life.

'Back then, coconut oil wasn't a thing in Australia, so soon enough, I started dealing in it with my business, Coconut Magic.'

According to Ms Madison, the uses for coconut oil are incredible and very diverse.

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The Daily Mail Australia – 04 May, 2016