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'Healthy Liver' by Dr Cris Beer Exclusive First Review

Healthy Liver is reviewed by Monique, member of staff at Sutherland Library, NSW.

"Healthy Liver
by Dr Cris Beer is an accessible, interesting and very readable book about your Liver. It’s a great way to learn about liver health within being directive or boring. Dr Cris explains all aspects of your liver health in an easy to understand way. It starts with an introduction called Know Your Liver that puts into perspective the importance of looking after your liver.

You then move onto a short questionnaire to get the basic idea of your current liver health. This helps you to ascertain the best detox plan for you. This also determines how long you may need to help you start the healing process. 

The liver haters and liver lover sections were both useful and enlightening. The liver haters section provides some surprising facts about what causes liver damage, and how to try to avoid these. The liver lover section outlines tips and tricks to help you in leading a liver loving lifestyle. It seems achievable after reading this!

The interesting liver cases provided context, insight and understanding of the comprehensive information provided throughout the book.

The thought of a detox was quite daunting to me-before I read this book but Dr Cris explains the process clearly and simply, offering an explanation of how to prepare for the detox, eliminate toxins and to successfully follow the seven day detox diet. As Dr Cris advises us, it’s not a fad or a quick fix, nor does it replace medical treatment where necessary, but it really works!

The liver friendly shopping list and the recipes provided in the book make it easy to undertake a detox.

The recipes are varied and simple, with flexible options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was inspired to try some of these- delicious!

This information is summarised in the Easy Reference Guide for a quick review. This section also has a quick six point summary of the post party detox plan, and a useful hangover detox guide for those occasions when you overindulge.

Overall, I found this book to be a useful resource that I can refer to time and again for guidance on maintaining a healthy liver, when I feel I need to detox and for some inspiring and healthy, liver loving recipes!"

-- Monique currently works at Sutherland Library and is an avid lover of all things deeply spiritual and life-changing. A queen of the world of words, she knows how to spot good titles when she sees them.

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Monique – 19 April, 2016