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Getting to know Patsy Bennett

We recently sat down with Patsy Bennett and asked where her love and interest in Astrology came from, and here is what she said.

I was drawn to astrology when I was around 12 years old, as I wished to understand people better, largely because I often sensed people’s true selves were different to their personae; almost as if their personalities or outward projections of themselves were in some cases a chimera or a hologram that didn’t align with their true selves, like a ghost overlaying the core spiritual or soul-self.

You can imagine this felt a little spooky at the time, as it wasn’t something I was able to rationalize being so young, but it also created the wish to find out more about people – and myself, too, and astrology fitted the bill!

Essentially, I feel I was perceiving in the people around me, the disparity between who they appeared to be; who they were essentially deep down, and who they were ‘meant’ to be. Now, many moons later, I can say I was perceiving the many-layered people we are, as opposed to the one-dimensional characters we tend to be seen as.

And I now realize it sparked my research into who we are and what our purpose is in life. So in my book, ‘Astrology: Secrets of the Moon’, I delve deeply into our soul’s purpose; into what kinds of activities and lives will fulfil us on a deep level, and what can potentially align our deeper selves with our sense of self, anchoring us so to speak, and delivering a sense of belonging, groundedness and purpose in life – all with a view to feeling more contented in life. 

Patsy Bennett is the Author of Astrology Secrets of the Moon. 

Patsy Bennett – 16 October, 2015