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Get your timing right for vitality

Extracted from Healthy Living May 07 2013


JULIE Rennie’s dedication to healthy eating helped her to achieve multiple elite sporting goals, and now she is helping others reach happiness, health and vitality through her focus on balance, timing and metabolism.

Bestseller The Metabolic Clock, was Ms Rennie’s first book, and after many weeks in her Torquay kitchen testing and creating healthy new recipes, she brings us The Metabolic Clock Cookbook. “From the age of 14, I learnt about health for a competitive edge, to get the best out of my body.“Now I’m 54 – so that’s a lot of knowledge.

“In western society, people have become unbalanced. “In Australia we are locked onto the Biggest Loser mentality, fad diets, and people have lost those simple health values of how to cook, and live by the sun.

“Many people are overweight, and undernourished. “They are in a cycle of tiredness and their appetite hormones are out of balance.

The Metabolic Clock is about eating the right foods at the right time of the day. “And it’s about consistency – like a great athlete.”

Ms Rennie said it was not a diet, nor about weight loss, but about health and wellbeing.

She said we can forget late nights, waking up tired, afternoon slumps, negative thoughts and bad habits. “If you feel better about yourself, you make better choices.

“I can’t begin to tell you how simple it is. “It’s so simple, you just tweak your day a bit, and you don’t give up what you love – that’s the point.” Rennie admits she loves treats, but has adjusted  the recipes to be more nutritious.

The Metabolic Clock Cookbook is bursting with dishes like protein rich lemon ricotta bake with mushrooms and spinach, Asian chicken salad, rice paper rolls, baked fish, quiches, French toast, smoothies and spelt flour chocolate cake.

Rennie guides others in healthy life plans, and takes kitchen workshops, where you can learn and taste test the recipes, coming up on May 11 and June 22. Phone Julie on 0414 949 672 to book, and all attendees receive their own copy of the book.

ALI DEANE - Healthy Living – 07 May, 2013