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Flower Reading Cards -Review

Flower Reading Cards by Cheralyn Darcey

Reviewed by Nathan Ho


The “Flower Reading Cards” are the second set of beautiful, colourful and inspiring flower-based cards from Cheralyn Darcey. As both the author and the artist, Cheralyn has successfully captured the essence of a selected 36 variations of flowers and has represented them in a way that can change the way that we think about and interact with the flowers that fill the gardens, homes and landscapes of our lives.


The Flower Reading Cards are a testament to Cheralyn’s consistent dedication, love and passion for working with and representing the floral kingdom. Each of the cards is linked to a theme, possible challenges and meanings to address and scientific and botanical information. Working with these cards means that the information given through these cards can connect its audiences to empower them in working with flowers for building relationships with flowers, education, holistic healing and understanding themselves better.


As mentioned earlier, Cheralyn is both the artist and the author of these cards. The fine detail which has gone into each of these cards ensures that Cherlayn has represented the energies of these flowers appropriately and to their best. Through investigating the process involved in making these cards, it is apparent that Cheralyn has gone to great lengths to ensure this representation, for the purpose of empowering people visually, to reconnect with the energy, language and presence of flowers in their everyday lives.


Another feature of these artworks is that each of these cards have been created to feature on the backdrop of different global locations where these flowers are found. Through this feature, another dimension is added to these cards, providing further stimulus for its users to journey towards understanding themselves and their inner and outer worlds.


Flowers have quite a significant universal energy which serves to beautify our lives and the environment and bring so much joy to others. The Flower Reading Cards are suitable for people of all different ages and backgrounds and would be an excellent addition for anyone who is interested in the use of reading cards for personal and professional enjoyment and use.


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Nathan Ho – 13 October, 2015