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Fate and Astrology

Fate! Can we predict the future? Can it really be known? Can we influence it even? The arguments about fate have been raging for 6,000 years and no-one has ever found the definitive answer.

I have been teaching astrology for 10 years and I am taking a Masters Degree in it and the best I come up with is that we have about 20% influence over our future. This comes about because at each moment there are many potential choices and even the tiny ones we make can change our general direction a little. As we move along our path in life we reach forks in the road and we take the left one or the right. That decision may not make much difference that day, but slowly all those choices add up to a certain path and a certain future.

Astrology reflects that wide potential because the symbols that we read to divine the future have many different key words assigned to them and these can be quite diverse. The planet Mercury represents words or a communication, a car journey, a sibling or news of some kind. It is up to the astrologer to make an educated guess as to which to use.

The ancient Greeks had myths that told of 3 supernatural women, the Moirai, who spun fate from the Other Realms. Even the mighty god Zeus trembled at their appearance and this tells us that they even had jurisdiction over the supreme god of Olympus. Over millennia, religions were built up around the perceived power that controlling the future could bring. Kingdoms could rise and fall on the fate of the army that day.

So how does all this work when it comes to predicting with cards? If the future is negotiable, then can a card reading be accurate? Yes it can, because you are so influenced by the reading that your soul unconsciously takes the little forks in the road that help it come true. In this way, you are choosing your own future. It was one of the myriad potentials around you at the time that you picked out via the cards because it was there to be picked. And you are helping it along by believing it and supporting it with all your heart.

This is why it is maybe not such a good idea to get another reading if you just had a good one. Let that reading sit in your soul and work its way through for the best results. For if you have another one, and it isn’t so good, you would have just re-written the energy of the first one. However, if you decide to have another reading anyway, just remember you can always have third to try to get the energy of the first one back again! Well give it a go anyway! What do you think?

Very Best Wishes, Alison Chester-Lambert

Alison Chester-Lambert – 05 December, 2013