Essential Oil Wellness Cards

By: Hallie Marie


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Published: Mar/23 (AU/NZ), Mar/23 (US), Mar/23 (UK)

Being trendy isn't just about lattes and yoga; it's essential oils too. There's a lot to learn before you can become a patchouli pro. These flashcards are designed to be a fun and easy way to learn about essential oils. They can act as a quick reference or a helpful hand in teaching others.

Each box has 61 cards that include information on the 60 of the most commonly used essential oils. And they're the perfect size to go wherever your oils go - making it easy to share with your family, friends or fellow yogi.

The information is d?TERRA inspired.

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ISBN: 9781925946482

Published: Mar/23 (AU/NZ), Mar/23 (US), Mar/23 (UK)

Format: Cards

Extent: 61 pages

About The Author

Hallie Marie

Hallie Marie

Hallie Danner Lives Chicago
Hallie Danner is a writer, marketer and natural health enthusiast. She co-founded the company Everything But Oils LLC) in 2016 to teach people how to effectively master the use of essential oils. Since then, her company has helped thousands through her easily understandable aromatherapy essential oil flashcards.

Hallie is a sought-after speaker on digital marketing and aromatherapy. In her free time, she can often be found engaging in inventive pursuits: creating memories with her niece and nephews, writing new stories to share in her writings or discovering new places with friends.

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