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Embrace solitude - For Your Health

Solitude. Alone time. Personal space. We need some of this in order to analyse our situation, evaluate things, and ultimately effect change. Practicing solitude started in Eastern traditions well before our time, wherein its purpose was to elicit self-reflection, gain self-knowledge, and seek a better understanding of the world. But it is hard to imagine any decent amount of alone time in a fast-moving digital world replete with information overload, constant notifications, and compulsive social media use.

In my new book, Alone Time. Embracing Solitude for Health and Well-Being (which hits bookstands this month), I share numerous benefits of seeking time alone, and I offer practical tips and mindfulness exercises to help you understand your place in our ever-changing, high-tech world. For now, let me touch the surface of what some solitude can do for you—namely, make you self-aware, promote independent thinking, eliminate mind chatter, and keep you meaningfully connected with others and yourself.


Psychology Today – 08 March, 2024