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Embarrassing Body Problems

WHETHER it’s making a stink or creating some gassy noise, let’s face it our bodies can be pretty embarrassing at times.

And while conditions such as excess gas and sweat may be pretty natural bodily functions, they can also make many of us squirm in our seats.

According to naturopath Mim Beim, you’re not alone if this applies to you.

The naturopath, who is based between Sydney and Kangaroo Valley, has written Natural Remedies, an A-Z look at some of the common health problems which can leave us red-faced.

And according to Ms Beim it’s was time people started to talk about them more as they could be a sign of something more serious or on the other hand could be something solved quite easily.

And the first thing she reckons we need to be doing is talking a lot more erm, poo, literally.

“People shouldn’t be embarrassed,” she said. “We really need to give it a lot more attention.

“For example if the colour of the stool is light, or it floats that can indicate a lack of bile in your system and can be a sign your liver needs some attention.”

She said simple things like adding lemon in hot water, or dandelion root tea could help liver and digestion.

But poo isn’t the only embarrassing thing people come to see her about

“Flatulence is obviously a big one, but excess sweating as well as skin issues also cause people a lot of grief,” she said.

 “A pimple on the face for example always feels 20 times worse than on the backside and something like a cold sore can really affect people’s moods.”

According to her some of the most embarrassing things people come to see her about include:

• Bad breath:

If your friends and colleagues are reeling back in horror every time you talk, it could be a sign of an underlying health issue, Ms Beim said.

It could be caused by blocked sinuses, post-nasal drip or even helicobacter pylorus — a stomach bacteria responsible for mouth ulcers among other things.

Avoiding sugar, cutting dairy and drinking plenty of water can all help.

• Body odour

Everyone sweats, but constant body odour cannot only leave some people embarrassed but also self-conscious.

According to Ms Beim a variety of things can cause it, including meat and animal fats and natural chemicals in food.

But she reckons a constant odour can be a sign of illness and hormone changes.

Drinking more water, trialling a vegan diet for a short time and wiping your body with a cloth saturated with lemon juice or vinegar before bed can all help.

• Cellulite:

Most women admit to having at least some of this on their bodies and while totally natural can make them self conscious too.

Ms Beim said cellulite was normally a female issue, with age and poor blood and lymphatic circulation all playing a part.

Simple things such as drinking more water, eating more raw food, and less salt and fried food could all play a part in reducing it.

• Cold sores/herpes

They can be a romance and confidence killer which can be trigged by a range of factors including stress, infection and hormones which allow the Herpes Simplex Virus 1 (HSV1) to flourish.

Taking immune acids such as L-Lysine and avoiding coffee, alcohol and sugar are simple ways to help fight the virus.

 • Constipation:

If you’re not making friends with your loo and having regular bowl movements at least three times a week, that’s a sign something isn’t right, Ms Beim said.

It can be caused by several factors including not drinking enough water and not having enough fibre in your diet.

“Eating at regular times can help the bowel get into routine,” Ms Beim writes in her book.

“Chew each mouthful well and avoid sugar, white-flour products and even try gluten free for a month.”

• Dandruff:

If your scalp is shedding dry, white scales chances are you’ve got this condition and while it’s not contagious or a sign of poor hygiene can make you avoid wearing dark clothes.

Cutting out certain hair product and increasing your range of good oils such as olive and cold-pressed nut oils can all help keep the white flakes at bay.

 • Diarrhoea:

Nature’s way of ridding your body of toxins can be a real pain in butt, literally and can be caused by a range of things including stress, food poisoning, excess alcohol or a food sensitivity.

Ms Beim said long-term chronic diarrhoea can be treated but the cause had to be found first which could take time and require dietary changes.

• Flatulence:

It’s normal for most of us to fart, but poor eating habits and not chewing food properly could exacerbate the problem for some people.

Again it can be caused by a range of things including a food intolerance or eating with your mouth open and allowing excess air into the digestive tract.

There’s not a lot to stop nature but cutting sugar and eating more probiotic food such as yoghurt could help reduce gas.

• Haemorrhoids:

Also known as piles, haemorrhoids which are inflamed veins cause aching pain and itching and can sometimes be caused by constipation or long periods of time or sitting.

But there’s plenty people can do to help including eating more fibre, taking more vitamin C for better vein health and using softer toilet tissue.

 • Warts:

Caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) warts are generally painless but feel unsightly for those who have them.

Avoiding sugar which suppresses the immune system and eating unprocessed foods and eating more garlic can help as it has massive antiviral properties.


Debra Killalea at – 22 August, 2014