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Eat Well, Stay Lean

In winter the temptation to eat more comfort food can pile on the kilos. But we can stay lean with the right nutrition, says personal trainer Sally Matterson

My food philosophy is all about lifestyle changes, not diets. Nutrition is, without a doubt, 80% of the battle. Get that right and you are cruising on the super fat-burning highway. By focusing on what you eat, you can take control of your body and your health for today - and tomorrow.

Protein is of utmost importance

Protein is made up of branch chain amino acids that are vital for healthy body function. They can also help accelerate fat loss as put simply, protein doesn’t stimulate insulin. Insulin when produced in high amounts from too much sugar in the diet can lead to fat storage, particularly around the mid-section.

It is therefore absolutely critical that you hit your protein targets daily (see the meal plan below for extra guidance). You should be consuming:

approximately 100–120g of protein a day for the average female

approximately 240–260g for the average male.

As a general guide, there is approximately 22–30g of protein in every 100g of raw animal meat and in one whole egg, there is approximately 6g.

Our ancestors ate a lot of meat, plant-based carbs, nuts and seeds and I don’t know about you, but I don’t recall any cavemen - or women! - with man boobs or muffin tops.

In addition to hitting your protein target in at least 4–5 meals throughout the day, make consuming leafy green vegetables a priority for your daily fibre intake, along with grainless fibre sources such as chia seeds or slippery elm.

If you are struggling to hit your protein targets a good quality, easily digestible Whey Protein Powder can help. Use as a snack throughout the day (ie at meal 2 or 4)

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Sally Matterson for Nova Magazine – 14 May, 2015