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Dreamtime Reading Cards Review

The Dreamtime Reading Cards are more than a set of reading cards; they are an acknowledgment and celebration of an Author’s lifetime and legacy that is what we see with these cards. Author, Artist and Writer Laura Bowen offers a wealth of information and insights through these cards which illustrate and portray unique and authentic Aboriginal artworks and pay homage to rekindled ancient wisdom of the Aboriginal people.

The artworks themselves represent layers and layers of meanings that spark connections to Aboriginal wisdom and form connections with the individual on a personal level. For instance;
- The choice of colours represent the different emotional connections relevant to that particular card, and
- The feathers used in these cards’ paintings hold the energy of the particular bird from which it came and it also emphasises its purpose in relaying the message depicted on the card

Using these cards for a reading provides in depth messages for the audience through the means of the connections made with the artworks, user’s intuition and the messages written in the accompanying book. As the Dreamtime encompasses everything that is around us in the natural world, using the Dreamtime Reading Cards ensures that the experience of the reading makes a lasting impact on the audience of these cards. The cards depict different aspects of the ancient spirit of nature of Australia and therefore they empower the audience to seek meanings in their environment and in nature after reading with the cards, this provides everyone with the opportunities to engage with developing a relationship with the inner and outer worlds and their inner and outer nature too.

As a nature lover and as an Australian person, I think that it is very important to understand the wisdom of the local people and these cards share it in a significant and simple method. I would recommend these cards for those who are looking for a unique set of reading cards and would like to learn more about the presence of spirit and nature in Australia.

Nathan Ho – 04 February, 2015