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Crystals - Book review by Nathan Ho

Crystals” by Rachelle Charman is more than a comprehensive guide to the crystal kingdom. While it contains information on the properties of different crystals, it is not only that; it is also a tool to empower and inspire you to your connection to the kingdom of crystals.

Beginning the book, Rachelle discusses the metaphysics and the science behind working with crystals. She goes into depth in explaining the different ways to work with and connect with crystals, going into detailed explanations and instructions on topics such as cleansing and charging crystals, making crystal elixirs and crystal grids and guided meditations. The detail that Rachelle writes with in the book “Crystals” goes beyond what is already included in many of the already-existing crystal books on the market today. From reading Rachelle’s words, I could tell just how passionate she was in sharing her knowledge and the miracles made possible through crystal healing!

Whilst she has written the common properties of each crystal featured in the book, Rachelle emphasises that this is based on her experience, which may differ from the reader’s. This is supportive of the need to individualise and suit the individual learning needs of the reader. What separates “Crystals” from other established crystal titles is the fact that it feels like it is a book written with the reader in mind. By that, I mean that the book provides not only a section that lists the properties of selected crystals from the author, but there is space provided for the reader to reflect on their experiences with the crystals. This is such an important aspect of working with crystals, because each of us as individuals experiences and interacts with different energies, each with different effects and impacts on our lives.

The last section of the book contains written testimonials and anecdotes from Rachelle’s students, emphasising the journey that has been taken by many. Including this in her book assists in building links between the applied concepts of this book and the impact that this has on the lives of the people who have benefited from Rachelle’s teachings and the content featured in this book.

Crystals is a well-written, well-researched book that has the potential to make personal impacts on every individual who reads it and refers to it time and time again! Whether you are at the beginning of your journey with crystals, a crystal healer or a simply a lover of crystals, this book has something for everyone in mind. Keep up the great work Rachelle and thank you for sharing the journey!

With love,
Nathan and Friends

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Nathan Ho – 22 July, 2014