Crystal Reading Cards

By: Rachelle Charman


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Published: Feb/19 (AU/NZ), Mar/16 (US), Apr/14 (UK)

Crystal Reading Cardsconsist of 56 cards, all with exquisite photos of many of the worlds most powerful crystals. Embark on a journey with these crystal reading cards, to a deeper place of love and inspiration in your life. Your deepest questions will be answered with clarity as you open to healing.

This unique set of cards is unique are a healing tool as well as a guidance oracle, an interactive healing and transformation tool. You can choose to use the deck just for healing where you will receive healing energy from the crystals. Or you can choose to seek guidance and direction from the cards.

More powerfully, you can use them for both its up to you.

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ISBN: 9781925429923

Published: Feb/19 (AU/NZ), Mar/16 (US), Apr/14 (UK)

Format: Cards

Dimensions: 187 mm  x  130 mm

Extent: 160 pages

Rights Sold: North America, Czech Republic, France

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About The Author

Rachelle Charman

Rachelle Charman

Rachelle Charman LIVES: Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia Rachelle is the founder of The Academy of Crystal Awakening in Australia. She is a passionate teacher who travels extensively. She was deeply inspired by her crystal healing teacher and master Maggie Vrinda Ross, who awakened her to the knowledge of the crystal kingdom. She worked for Hay house from 2001-2004 and was in charge of over 2000 certified Angel Intuitives as Doreen Virtues personal assistant, and has contributed a crystal guide in Angel Medicine, by Doreen Virtue. Rachelle is the author of Crystals, Crystal Meditation CD and Crystal Reading Cards and Box Set

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